We introduce the rental or lease of the copy machine / MFP of the office for slimming of the cost and for making it possible to work speedier.
We recommend you this laser printer particularly if you use a pure inkjet printer. You can realize a cost cut more by using our laser printer together with your copy machine.
We suggest a toner cartridge, drum and ink cartridge for copy machine / laser printer, and the expendable supplies of the OA apparatus in your office. Please feel free to contact us if you want to cost-cut in the office.
Because BIGPAD is available not only as a white board and a PC monitor but as TV call, the meeting with the far place will be smooth.
Digital Signage can be expected to put an effective advertisement superior to a poster of the paper and a roll screen signboard.
Please call us when you want to have a homepage or think of the renewal of the homepage. We suggest high-quality design with cost-effectiveness.
We accept a handbill, a brochure, a fryer, and company profile at a reasonable price from a small rod to a large quantity of print. Please feel free to ask anything about printing.
The administration of a company and organization cannot miss information system and the Internet now. We suggest reliable and safe security measures to prevent the information system from being stopped and leaked.
We rent the convenient OA apparatuses such as a copy machine, a printer, a big pad to move a meeting, a seminar and a class more smoothly and more clearly.
We perform an acting copy service of the monochrome / color to help with the reduction of the waste of time and the cost. From a small rod to a large quantity of print, please feel free to ask anything about printing.
As for the copier / printer repair, leave it to us. Even other than the machine which we introduced, we repair it. We solve the sudden trouble in the shortest on the same day.
Please leave the consultation as for a note PC, desktop PC, and tablet etc. to mediaBRAIN. Let me do the most suitable suggestion that matched office environment. We take the inquiry of consultation of the PC-related trouble and the OA peripheral device willingly!
Phone is a must item in business. Therefore, the slight malfunction or an inconvenient part of it will be connected with the stress of a working person, and with the aggravation of the business efficiency. Business phone is expected to be so convenient and able to cost-cut that the profit of the company may change!!
When the furniture of the office is necessary by a new establishment or the move of office, please contact mediaBRAIN. Not to mention a desk, a chair, we offer the good article including a locker and the partition and so on at a reasonable price. Please talk about assembling or the setting.