Management Philosophy


Slogan 2017-2018

Grit For The Customer

The tenth one-year term of the mediaBRAIN finally started.

We performed a new challenge under the slogan of [New Born regeneration media BRAIN ] in 2016.

  In that, we knew the importance of [Harmony] .

 2017 slogan is [GRIT FOR THE CUSTOMER The ability to persevere].

We persevere for the employees and the families and own happiness and joy.

We grit for the customer.

We go through to be trusted by the community

We carry it out for children carrying the future.

We decided it with all of you while always doing GRIT in [the middle] to make all of you  happy from now on.

The mediaBRAIN culture will let the making of happiness accelerate at further speed.


Mission Statement ~ Values & Social missions ~

1.【 Right way of thinking

"Harmony, independence of will, self-reproach" is a heart of the mediaBRAIN. All the members receive this as own heart, understand and practice it.


2.【 Management philosophy

Our management philosophy is “a good circulation spiral of the happiness". We aim at "the happiness of all people gathering around us is becoming spiral without a piece of contradiction" and therefore always secure "sales "and" profit" with the perpetuity.


3.【 Organization, instructions, judgment

We adhere rigidly to instructions given according to decided authority. Since it is an organization, refusing or changing instructions by a self-judgment is not allowed. But when there is a question or an ignorance point, the side receiving instructions asks a reason and gives an opinion politely to understand definitely. In addition, the company and boss listen to those voices by all means.


4.【 The principle of intropunitive

We fight against bureaucratism thoroughly. We do not accept useless formalism, extrapunitive, and the act that is going to protect vested rights. MediaBRAIN respects strong posture of a sense of responsibility. We completely regard everything as own responsibility. Even if the essence of the problem seems to be from the external environment, we do not make other responsibility, and we think by ourselves and try to solve it.

It is not cornering oneself but positive principle that we think that the present environment is made by oneself therefore one can change it oneself.


5.【 Solutions to problems / Activeness

All work is solutions to problems. It is work of each of us to find problems by ourselves, to do our best to solve the problem, and to give wisdom. We intend to accomplish everything for problems by all means with a strong mind and a strong sense of responsibility. We recognize that it is a problem that there is no problem.



6.【 Cooperation / Alignment / Overall optimization

We make much of team play than a personal play. It is demanded that all the members engaged in work fulfill one’s ability for the team. If even one cuts corners or runs about for grandstand play, overall productivity decreases. All the members are always conscious of “overall optimization” and we cooperate and work on duties.


7.【 Harmony

We always try to harmonize with all members. We can get big power by merging every vector of each of us. But the person who is not going to conclude work is outrageous without achieving one's responsibility by the reason of harmony.


8.【 Clean and Tidy

We mind that we keep the office clean and tidy. It is very important that the office is always clean and tidy because a visitor and the partner who are important may visit. Each of us keeps the office clean positively.


9.【 Communication

We are always considerate of members and exchange opinions positively. However, the cases to deny a person oneself, to criticize him/her in a shade, pretending to consult, or not having improvement plan, or to have a bad attitude is not accepted even if it is any contents.


10.【 Good company

All members are representatives of the companies. We refrain from injuring the brand image of the company and betraying all the members. And we act so that all people gathering around us can say, "It is a good company".


11.【 Appreciation for all

We keep it in mind to thank for everything. Our work is not possible without support and cooperation by all members, customers, families, friends, business partner, partner, society. In addition, we do not forget to thank for difficulties and big problems. Because they give us the company and all the members various chance to grow up.


12.【 Compliance with the law

We think that nobility and a sincere action are basic in every activity. We obey every law and rule, follow the secret of the visitor severely, and always carry out fair and honest dealing and activity, at the same time we never compromise in these sense of values and ethic sides.

Bureaucratism   A staff working in an organization do not act by original discretion and responsibility but act in grounds for a rule, precedent and principle theory uniformly and formally.


vested rights    The vested rights here means the rights that people have already got in contents of the work, or in a position or special privilege in the company.


overall optimization

To plan the overall optimization of a system and the organization.

That all members add a pace and optimize it in the same direction.